Chemical Toilets

Merlin UltraChemical Plastic portable toilet.

This perfect single module cabin absolutely uses no water. Comprised of seating closet with tank and urinal this portable unit is manufactured using Grade 4 polyethylene which is high density and anti-ultraviolet (UV) treatment. It has a tissue dispenser, translucent roof with lifting lugs and air vent. Aside from these features it is also equipped with self-closing door with indicator and latch. However even though it doesn’t include the water flush and wash basin, there are add-on products available exclusively for this Topline product- which includes a 30 litre tank and foot /hand pump operated wash basin and 80 litre foot/hand pump operated flushing system for our clients who prefers the toilet system with water usage.

Size: 43 x 47.2 x 90 inches / 109.2 x 119.8 x 228.6 cm
Material – High-density grade 4 polyethylene plus anti-UV treatment
W/C – Western type W/C
Waste Holding tank – About 60 Gallon – 227 Ltrs
Water flush – NIL, Water tank – NIL
Tissue dispenser
Translucent roof with lifting lugs, air vent-pipe,
Self-closing door with latch & indicator
Weight – 172 Pounds

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Plastic Portable Toilets with flush and wash

Merlin Executive

Plastic Portable Toilets with flush and wash

This product is almost similar compared to the chemical toilet, the difference being that it doesnt need the use of chemical treatment for the waste but additionally equipped with water tank for handwash and for the flush. Both independent tanks provides economical source of water usage. The specifications are as below. Different varieties are available in stock.

Plastic Toilet -with Translucent roof with lifting lugs, air vent-pipe
Dimensions – 43.3′ W x 89′ H x 47.24′

- 90 ltr freshwater holding tank for Wash basin and Flush (Foot pump operated)

1 – Waste Holding Tank – 270 litres

1 – Western type W/c Builtin on tank

1 – Tissue dispenser / soap dispenser optional

Self-closing door with latch & indicator

(The usage and waste removal and filling depends on each site with the number of users and use.)

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Trailer mounted Toilets


Trailer toilets have become very popular to hire because they provide an immediate “solution”for the requirement for sanitary amenities at a small function an event, or a large gathering, for any period of time, for any reason. The key phrases “Luxury Mobile Toilets” has nearly be a well-liked phrase in Dubai and all over United Arab Emirates, and also at any kind of outside wedding event it’s not unusual to obtain the eco-friendly skirted truck along with aluminium actions and expensive interior with oak surface finishes, precious metal or chrome faucets as well as calming music. Large Event Mobile Toilets can also be found services, which are often more practical with separate trailers for males and ladies and made with bigger doors as well as for the handicapped.


Trailer mounted toilets in Kazema Portable Toilets comes with 2 mini rooms fitted luxuriously with all amenities including Western type W/C and flushing system, handwash basin, shower, lights, exhaust fan etc and a seperate water tank with pressure motor and a huge waste tank which will cater to the days need. It is easy to mount to a 4×4 and take it anywhere.


Red Carpet toilets will be available in a short while for rent which is focussed to serve the wedding and high social events in Dubai. (Currently only for sale.)

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Plastic Toilets without Tanks


Without tanksPlastic Toilets without tanks.

The size of this portable toilet is 1m x 1.2m x 2.1 meters making it useful for regular use. The materials used in building this product is ultraviolet (UV) rays stabilized polyethylene plastic making it a very sturdy and reliable portable sanitation product. It also has features that you will find very helpful such as wash basin, tube light, exhaust fan, waterproof switch, air vent and four inches outlet. However, this portable toilet doesn’t have waste holding or water tanks, but enables to connect to external water supply through the PVC pipes inlet or waste out connections making this an easily usable ‘Plug and Play’ toilet.

Size: 1.00 m x 1.20 m x 2.10 Mtrs. Height.
Material – Polyethylene Plastic – UV stabilized
W/C – Western type W/C
Wash basin
Extra Tap
Shower spray with hose- overhead
Exhaust fan
Water proof switch
4” outlet
Water tanks & Holding tanks – NIL

Both Eastern and Western type toilets available in this model.

Photos only for illustration purpose only. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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Ocean Toilets – Electric Marine Toilets

Electric Marine Toilet with large Bowl & Deluxe plastic seat & cover
Switch Box Included
Fitting : Connections for 1″ (25.3mm) ID inlet hose
1″ (25.5mm) ID Discharge hose
Motor : 12V/24V
Amp Draw : 18A(12V) / 9A(24V)
Fuse Size : 25A(12V) / 15A(24V)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 484 x 365 x 376 mm

For more info please mail us.

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GRP Portable Toilets


GRP Portable Toilets

GRP Portable toilets is one of the traditional / conventional products which is widely used in Construction and Oil field industry due to its light weight structure and low pricing and ready availability with water and waste tanks. These comes with tanks (and without) and has a dimension of 1.22 x 1.22 x 2.44 meters. The water tank of this portable toilet has a total capacity of 300 liters meaning that you will not experience any problem concerning water, while the waste holding tank has 500 liters capacity and could be increased a few hundreds more on requirements. It also has several special features to make yourself comfortable when you are using the portable toilet such as wash basin, soap dish, extra water tap, Shataff, tube light, exhaust fan, waterproof switch, GRP step, air vent etc and an outlet which also allows you to connect with external water supplies and waste outlets. This is one of the preliminary or old types which used regular flushing system which is not very economical when it comes to a remote site as it could use more water to refill and same with the waste tank being emptied. But the advantage is if provided with a Electricity, water and waste connection externally, it would be an instant solution for all sites.

Size: 1.22 m x 1.22 m x 2.44 M.
W/C – Western type and Eastern Types
Water Tank – 300 Ltr capacity, Holding Tank – 500 Ltr. capacity,
Wash basin, Soap dish, Extra water tap, Shattaf,
Tube light, Exhaust fan, Water proof switch,
GRP steps (for Bigger waste tanks), Air vent, Outlet waste connections.

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Disabled units – Portable toilets

Kindly contact us for more information about Portable toilets for Disabled.

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Portable Shower Units

Portable Shower Units are available in a range of sizes and layouts, featuring domestic-style single compartment cubicles with high-performance showers, doors, integral changing areas and seats.

Contact us for more information on pricing and details.

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Handwash Station

Free standing portable type handwash stations available with varying options.

Handwash station

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