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    Chemical Toilets

    Chemical Toilets are mostly waterless toilets. Non Formaldehyde chemicals are added as de-odourising agents. Commonly available as Straight drop toilets, these are equipped with waste tank built on the W/C, and is the most fast moving toilets, as it is cheaper, long lasting, and easily portable and does not have water tank, washing facility or flushing.

  • GRP Portable Toilets

    GRP Portable Toilets

    GRP Portable toilets is one of the traditional / conventional products which is widely used in Construction and Oil field industry due to its light weight structure and low pricing and ready availability with water and waste tanks. Eastern type W/C is also available.

    Ask for GRP Shower Cabins also.

  • 2 Kazema AusUltra 01 Openchemical toilets portable use

    Plastic Toilet with Flush and wash

    Plastic Portable Toilets with Flush and Washbasin- Single skin, Manufactured in Australia

  • sewer_connect kazemaportable toilet direct sewer plumbing connect

    Plastic Toilets – No Tanks – Sewer Connect

    Kazema Sewer Connect options are available for those areas where Water Connection is available along with Waste outlet is also possible. As this unit does not come with Water tank or waste tank, but equipped with Ceramic W/C, Wash Basin, Water tap etc.

    If required it could also be a Shower. Ask for Availability and model specifications.