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  • portable sanitation equipment
  • portable sanitation equipment
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  • portable sanitation equipment
  • best portable toilet chemicals

Portable Toilet Chemicals

Chemicals for Portable Toilets – Deodourising and Disinfectant. The chemicals helps turning the waste into black sludge for easy removal.

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Product Description

Get The Best Portable Toilet Chemicals-“Mobile Toilet for Camping in Dubai”

  1. The most effective and economical liquid toilet additive on the market. Controls odours and break downs waste solids, like no other.

The Ultra Fresh liquid additive quickly neutralises offensive odours, and breaks down paper and waste. It uses ground-breaking chemical engineering technologies to ensure your customers enjoy a fresh and clean smelling portable toilet for the duration of its hire. It also helps prevent blocked lines and pipes during pump-out and cleaning.

2.  Rapid, effective deodorising technology.

The Ultra Fresh Super Strength toilet additive utilises advanced deodorant technology to provide long-term odour control. A convenient, non-staining drop-in sachet, it requires absolutely no direct skin-contact and disperses quickly in the waste tank. It comes in a resealable weatherproof bag of 48 units per bag, and comes in a fresh frangrance with long shelf-life.



Key Features

•  Neutralises offensive odours •  Breaks down paper and waste •  Biodegradeable and environmentally friendly •  Effective and economical toilet treatment product •  Non-corrosive •  Dark blue tint  

Key Features

•  Innovative resealable weatherproof packaging •  Available in 48 sachet packs, 5 packs per case •  Typical dosage: 1 sachet per week (depending on use) •  Quick dispersion in waste tank •  refreshing, pleasant fragrance •  No skin contact when handling •  Long shelf life
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