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Chemical Mobile Toilets in Dubai


Check Out Our Wide Range Of Portable Chemical Toilet For Sale In Dubai Here:

Merlin UltraChemical Plastic portable toilet.

This perfect single module cabin absolutely uses no water. Comprised of seating closet with tank and urinal this portable unit is manufactured using Grade 4 polyethylene which is high density and anti-ultraviolet (UV) treatment. It has a tissue dispenser, translucent roof with lifting lugs and air vent. Aside from these features it is also equipped with self-closing door with indicator and latch. However even though it doesn’t include the water flush and wash basin, there are add-on products available exclusively for this Topline product- which includes a 30 litre tank and foot /hand pump operated wash basin and 80 litre foot/hand pump operated flushing system for our clients who prefers the toilet system with water usage.

Size: 43 x 47.2 x 90 inches / 109.2 x 119.8 x 228.6 cm
Material – High-density grade 4 polyethylene plus anti-UV treatment
W/C – Western type W/C
Waste Holding tank – About 60 Gallon – 227 Ltrs
Water flush – NIL, Water tank – NIL
Tissue dispenser
Translucent roof with lifting lugs, air vent-pipe,
Self-closing door with latch & indicator
Weight – 172 Pounds

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