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Welcome to Kazema!

Kazema is a toilet facilities are provider for patrons, entertainers and support staff.

Toilet facilities

Unless otherwise permitted by the relevant authority, all toilets must be water-flush and have hand basins provided,
connected to a cold water supply. Portable water-flush toilets must be provided where existing toilet facilities are

Number of toilets required

There is no uniform Australian Standard for calculating the number of toilets required for events. However, when
planning the provision of toilet facilities, the following should be taken into consideration

Ablution facilities

Suggested minimum requirements for camping facilities based on two to three nights camping according to the
Emergency Management Australia Manual, Safe and Healthy Mass Gatherings.

Maintenance of facilities

To maintain facilities in a sanitary condition, they must be cleaned at least daily or more frequently where necessary to
prevent nuisance or offensive conditions and infestation/harbourage by insects or pests.

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